Product Info

Commercial Vapor System

  • Model Number: VX5000


  • Boiler: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 3.5 Liter
  • Temperature: 298 degrees
  • Exterior: Steel
  • PSI: 65
  • Grade: Commercial
  • 1600 Watts
  • Draws a little under 14 amps
Rental Rates
  • Day

    *240.00 Week

  • Week

With the VX5000 vapor steam cleaner, you can control the amount of steam that comes out of the VX 5000 right from your fingertips with switches and not a trigger like most steam cleaners that you have to continue to squeeze the handle for steam to be released. The VX5000 has a removable (commercial) hose, a pressure gauge (the real kind ), a water valve (which allows you to switch easily between hot steam and hot water), two nozzles (one with one hole and one with three), a 3-inch round AND a 3-inch triangle brush, twenty detail brushes, a heavy duty water bottle with a self-fill valve, a large triangle brush with clips, a commercial squeegee for windows, a large floor brush with clips and plenty of terry towels to get you going. The VX5000 steam cleaner also includes an easy-to-follow manual and an instructional DVD.